To build an in-demand eCommerce business in today’s society, you must provide a service that is always “on”.

What customers desire most is access to your products as and when they need or want them most, so creating an accessible route to this is what will inevitably help you to boost conversion rates.

Between juggling different time zones and market demands – just two challenges that often face eCommerce businesses – it can be daunting to also figure out how best to deliver this efficient and seamless customer experience. This is where chatbots come into the equation.

Designed to guide the consumer through their journey with your business, chatbots are computer programs that assist with pressing queries or concerns, relaying information on everything from pricing and stock levels to deliveries and troubleshooting processes.

Essentially, they replicate the human element involved in customer service.

While a small portion of consumers find them an irritating distraction when online shopping, chatbots have proven instrumental in aiding eCommerce businesses to win customers. Statistics reveal that depending on the industry, the use of chatbot technology can increase website conversion rates by 10 to 100%.

In this article ‘Chatbots – Your Unlikely Ally In Boosting Conversion Rates’, we explore how chatbots can be a vital asset to your business and help you significantly boost your conversion rates.

How chatbots can be an asset to your business

Arguably, the biggest attribute of chatbot technology is that it enables your business to engage with potential customers on a 24/7 basis. Not only does this software empower you to be always “on”, but it also opens up channels of communication with a far larger audience.

Even in instances where your chatbot is unable to provide an immediate answer (in which case the query should be redirected to the relevant team member), the fact that the customer’s original enquiry has been acknowledged will play a large part in keeping them on your side – and more importantly, on your site.

This links directly to customer service. Chatbots showcase the ability of your company to present a fast, high-quality customer experience, and with nine out of ten consumers admitting they would like the option of contacting a business through a messaging service, providing this option should be a no-brainer.

And the benefits don’t stop there.

Although hiking your rate of conversion is the ultimate goal, chatbots can first and foremost improve your retention rate, which is an integral stepping stone towards reaching your final objective. By providing your customers with an outlet to input their queries, and dealing with these questions efficiently, visitors to your website are more likely to stick around and see the process through.

A further plus concerning chatbots is their ability to personalise interactions with a client. Serving as a “voice” on the other end of the virtual line is one thing, but this software is also capable of providing the customer with information that is relevant to them, whether that is recommending products or directing them to their desired location on your website.

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Choosing the right chatbot for your eCommerce business

Technology, by its very nature, is ever-evolving and as such, the options that become available to us can overwhelm even the most tech-savvy brain. The choice on offer in relation to chatbots is no exception.

The best way to condense the endless list of possibilities is to first figure out what will work best for your eCommerce business in terms of your available budget and what you ideally wish to offer your customers.

While menu or button-based chatbots are sufficient for answering up to 80% of customer support queries, this particular type of programme will underperform when more detailed, specific questions are posed.

Keyword recognition-based chatbots, on the other hand, allow for a more natural flow of conversation with the consumer, in that they enable the customer to input more advanced queries.

Although more expensive, AI or contextual chatbots are the most innovative in their ability to interact with customers. As this type of chatbot uses machine learning techniques, it promotes a personalised experience by remembering a customer’s previous queries or orders.

Once you have decided on the best format for your business, it is vital to develop the bot with care so that it reflects the tone of your business and represents the type of service you would like to be known for.

3 ways chatbots improve eCommerce conversion rates

There are many tools adopted by chatbots that have a direct impact on how your conversion rates perform.

1. They give your business a friendly voice

As mentioned in the previous section, the importance of tone cannot be underestimated when it comes to chatbots. After all, first impressions are notoriously hard to shake.

Choosing the right style of language and tone of voice will determine how you are perceived by your customer base. In the absence of human connection, it’s important that the chatbot you use is a solid replacement. This can be achieved through the use of friendly, conversational language and enthusiastic greeting and sign-off messages.

2. They effectively capture data

A chatbot’s ability to provide post-sale support and allow for data capture is another feature that will positively affect your conversion rates.

What’s more, not only do they help you to grow your database, but they do so in an efficient way, making the information-gathering process far easier on your customers who desire speedy service at every turn.

3. They prioritise fast and efficient service

On the subject of speed, chatbots serve as a one-stop-shop for any customer queries, meaning any roadblock that may potentially delay a transaction (and lead to lost sales) can be quickly cleared through immediate engagement.

Growing your eCommerce business is no easy feat, which is why integrating specific technologies such as chatbots can make a huge difference to your bottom line.


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