Out of the ashes of Covid-19, ParcelPlanet has launched in Ireland, offering fast, reliable e-commerce fulfilment solutions worldwide, reducing shipping costs for online businesses and allowing ambitious brands to grow!

During the 3 month Covid-19 lockdown e-commerce businesses were never busier but they struggled to keep up with demand in terms of product storage and availability and company infrastructures were not set up to cope. Those business who already had fulfilment providers found that they struggled to provide the warehousing capabilities and to keep up in terms of getting orders out quickly and accurately and at a pace with consumer expectation! Deliveries were late, packages damaged and orders incorrect – not something that e-commerce businesses needed when trying to keep their customers happy and getting return business and, more importantly, in terms of building TRUST!

ParcelPlanet have been providing reliable order fulfilment solutions for e-commerce businesses for 10 years. Mark Greene, Director explains “ParcelPlanet was borne out of trying to find a solution to our own problem. As our Office Products business, Tradesupply Wholesale grew across Ireland and the UK, we moved premises 3 times in 5 years and set up a warehouse in another country. We looked for fulfilment solutions to enable us to focus on growing our business, unfortunately we came up wanting. Too many fulfilment providers we reviewed didn’t understand what huge effort and expense it was to win a customer and then lose a customer through poor service. We knew the pain and consequences of poor service and the impact on our brand. Many didn’t cater for the service level we expected, and simply thought “we move boxes” as opposed to seeing themselves as being the key piece within great customer experience, retention and repurchase.

First impressions count, if the order is damaged, late, poorly packed, looks grubby, labels not centred, poor or no response when the customer makes a simple enquiry companies will lose the customer to someone else who will provide a better service, and the majority didn’t understand this.

The solutions we wanted weren’t there, so we set about creating our own solution and in turn created ParcelPlanet delivering fulfilment solutions to e-commerce businesses wanting to build a brand and business on great service, setting themselves above the rest, providing what their customers want and not what the market offers”

ParcelPlanet builds partnerships with ambitious brands, expecting and demanding superior service, and pride themselves in exceeding their customer’s expectations, people who understand that service excellence comes before the cost to grow a brand and retain customers.

We are passionate about our business and how we can help our clients achieve their goals, playing an active role and not a passive contribution, and again we don’t just move boxes, we deliver service.

ParcelPlanet offer an automated and superior pick, pack and delivery solutions, late cut off times, seamless shopping cart, inventory, and direct courier integration. With live access to logistics, stock, order, delivery and return. Offering next day delivery in UK and Ireland. ParcelPlanet have the system honed to provide a seamless fulfilment service for ambitious brands looking to ensure reliable order delivery to customers worldwide. Accuracy and speed are our promise and exceptional customer experience our mantra!

For more information call us now or email us at enquires@parcelplanet.com.