When you choose an order fulfilment provider for your business, it is crucial to pick one that allows your business to grow and expand – one that will continually support and expand the services that your customers require.

With this in mind, a tricky but essential question must be asked: is your current order fulfilment provider helping or hindering your business at this time? What should be if your current order fulfilment provider is stagnating your growth?

In this blog post, we discuss five ways your current order fulfilment provider may be constricting your ability to expand to help you decide if it’s time to make a significant change.

Is your current order fulfilment provider holding your business back?


As your business begins to expand, the challenge of scaling up operations or entering new markets can be daunting. The right fulfilment centre may provide the solution and help you manage orders with ease – freeing up valuable time to focus on growing your business and proving their invaluableness.

But, choosing the wrong fulfilment partner can be disastrous too, so careful consideration is needed as this decision has a critical influence on efficiency and profitability in the long run.

Let’s examine five ways in which the wrong fulfilment partner can harm your business and prevent growth.

5 ways your order fulfilment provider could be preventing your business from growing


Lack of control


Don’t underestimate the importance of control in your order fulfilment process – omitting it can have costly consequences. Guarantee impeccable customer satisfaction and timely deliveries by being diligent about finding a provider who understands all aspects of your needs – above all else the ability to hand control over to you about any aspect of fulfilment you need.

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Lack of customisation


Your order fulfilment partner should strive to provide the highest possible level of service. This can be achieved through flexible pick-up/delivery solutions, tailored packaging, and labelling that closely align with your company’s specific needs. Working together we’ll ensure an excellent customer experience every time – but that requires flexibility and adaptability on the part of your provider.

Lack of cost efficiency


Maximising returns and minimising cost is the name of the game when it comes to third-party logistics providers. Don’t stay partnered up with a bloated and inefficient provider who wastes your hard-earned revenue. Evaluate your inventory needs, shipment volume and labour costs before committing – a sound solution can save money in both short-term efficiency measures and long-term gains if chosen wisely.

Stale inventory


An unreliable fulfilment provider can be disastrous for your inventory, leaving you with stock that’s not being sold in time, or at all. Avoid this issue by carefully evaluating the storage and transportation capabilities of any potential provider – make sure they have what it takes to keep up with demand from customers and come to an understanding about storing the inventory that just isn’t selling at all.

Multi-location fulfilment centres


If your business only services one area, expanding may not be necessary – but review the cost implications of running multiple fulfilment centres compared to just having a single base to make sure you’re doing what’s best for growth while managing costs.

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ParcelPlanet is the order fulfilment provider that won’t hold your business back


Don’t settle for any of the drawbacks we’ve discussed when it comes to your order fulfilment provider – partner up with ParcelPlanet instead.

Hundreds of companies that require order fulfilment place their trust in ParcelPlanet every single day. It’s clear why we’re the go-to choice with streamlined and efficient processes customised to help so many businesses reach their full potential.

Our services are designed to give customers the superior, customised order fulfilment experience they need. With features such as full product inventory control and flexible delivery options, custom packaging/labelling, and multi-location fulfilment centres for businesses ready to explore new outlets – we provide an ideal 3PL solution that caters precisely to our client’s individual needs.

ParcelPlanet offers a scalable customer-centric fulfilment solution for product-focused businesses, allowing you to grow with an affordable and dependable 3PL solution and to grow your business both locally and internationally.

Get in touch with an experienced member of our team today to find out more, and don’t forget to also check out our blog and resources page for more news and developments in the world of order fulfilment!