When selecting a new 3PL provider, you’re engaging in a crucial decision-making process that could have lasting implications for your business.

To ensure the success of this journey, it’s imperative to evaluate potential partners against certain criteria such as cost and location service offerings – along with evaluating their reputation.

In our companion piece for this month, we discussed when it’s time to consider switching your 3PL provider, so in this article, we delve into the key considerations that should be taken while searching for a compatible 3PL partner who will satisfy all those needs.


Is your business searching for a new 3PL provider?


As the business landscape continues to shift and evolve, companies need to make informed decisions when choosing a new 3PL provider.

The right partner will be able to meet diverse demands on physical inventory management, transportation services, customer service, and more – allowing your business to remain competitive in the market.

The trick, however, is to know what questions you need to ask to find the right 3PL partner – one that is going to serve your business better than your current one.


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Questions to ask a potential new 3PL provider


To make sure your operations run as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, thoroughly vet any 3PL provider you’re considering.

Here are just a few of these questions that you should be asking.


1. Do you have multiple fulfilment centres?


Partnering with a flexible and well-equipped fulfilment service can make all the difference in your delivery success. If you choose wisely and assess their reach through multiple centres across the country or globe, you’ll be sure to keep up with customer demand no matter what stands in your way.


2. In which areas are your fulfilment centres located?


Location is key when choosing a 3PL provider. Ensure they have an optimal distribution of fulfilment centres to guarantee the highest-quality service for your clientele!


3. Will your technology work with ours?


Unlock the potential of your 3PL provider through technology. Make sure to press them on their software capabilities and inquire as to whether they are using the latest systems available to ensure successful logistics operations.


4. How does your offering differ from our current 3PL?


Consider evaluating current and prospective 3PL providers to identify superior services or additional benefits that could benefit your business.

Don’t forget pricing, customer service policies, returns management, and inventory tracking – all imperative components for any successful logistics strategy!

By asking these questions and doing thorough research into potential providers, you can find the right partner to help take your business to the next level.


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How to transition to a new 3PL provider


With a new 3PL provider that best suits your company’s needs in hand, it is essential to structure a timeline and plan when transitioning operations. The transition process can be complex but with proper preparation, you’ll have everything running smoothly.

You’ll need to consider the following:


Your customers must be kept in the loop


Don’t surprise your customers by switching providers without informing them. It’s best to let your customers know that you have moved to a new provider. You can simply state that you are doing so to improve service and delivery.


Old fulfilment centres need to be phased out


Your new 3PL provider will have its fulfilment centres, so it’s important to phase out the old one. Make sure to communicate with your customers that this is taking place and let them know when they should start receiving orders from the new provider.


Your supply chain will need to be reviewed


To guarantee that orders arrive promptly and operations run smoothly, inspect your supply chain regularly to ensure accurate records are kept.


ParcelPlanet is your new 3PL provider


There is a 3PL provider that meets all of the considerations above – ParcelPlanet.

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