New tariffs, additional customs checks, slower delivery speed; these are all issues that are having a serious effect on ecommerce retailers in this post-Brexit world.

If getting your head around the extensive changes to your business as a result of Brexit-related changes is causing you endless stress and frustration, it may be time to consider outsourcing your order fulfilment. Better still, opting for an EU order fulfilment centre can save both you and your customers time and money in the long term.

But before weighing up the advantages of using an EU fulfilment centre in the current post-Brexit climate, it’s important to look at the benefits of outsourcing your order fulfilment in the first place.

Opting to partner with an order fulfilment service not only relieves you of the stress that comes with storage, packaging and delivery logistics, but it also provides you with the peace of mind that each integral link in the fulfilment chain is being professionally and expertly handled.

Furthermore, it allows you to guarantee an excellent service to your customers, who consider prompt and efficient delivery as must to guarantee a return visit. With 84 percent of the UK population alone now shopping online, investing in an order fulfilment infrastructure could be the best move you make.

Once you have made the decision to outsource this aspect of your ecommerce business, you then need to examine how to make the service work for you to avoid many of the pitfalls that are now in existence as a result of the UK leaving the European Union. Your first port of call should be to consider using an EU fulfilment centre.

Shipping Speed

Firstly, there are the obvious advantages to take into account, such as competitive shipping rates and faster delivery times. Opting for an EU fulfilment centre, as provided by Parcel Planet, you have the benefit of working with a supplier who has Authorised Economic Operator Status, or in short, AEO certification.

A major plus post Brexit, AEO status ensures a shorter window between order placement and delivery, as well as speedy movement of cargo. This status also represents security within the international supply chain and verifies that the customs controls and procedures you have in place are both compliant and efficient.


EU Ecommerce Fulfilment Centre Post Brexit - ParcelPlanet


An EU fulfilment centre with AEO certification will also provide ease and efficiency of cargo movement in and out of Britain by means of reductions or waivers of deferment and comprehensive guarantees, greater access to priority clearance, quicker access to other customs authorisations and improved security between supply chain partners.

While a seamless delivery service is crucial to creating a positive experience for shoppers, an efficient returns policy also ups the ante in terms of the level of service you can provide to your customers. An EU fulfilment centre will enable you to do just this, again by simplifying the customs clearance process, but more importantly, by doing the hard work for you.


With great customer service through excellent delivery standards comes great business success! And with growth and success comes the need to scale up and expand your business. Scalability is something that goes hand-in-hand with order fulfilment. The need to house a larger volume of stock is no longer cause for panic.

With a simple phone call to your order fulfilment company, you will have access to increased storage space immediately, rather than frantically searching for an alternative premises.

The presence of your stock and business in an EU centre also gives you easier access to international markets. Most order fulfilment companies will offer worldwide delivery on your behalf, often with same or next-day-delivery depending on the location. Solid working relationships with all the major courier services is also a plus; you can rest assured that each individual order will be handled with care until it lands in your customer’s hands.


The advent of the coronavirus pandemic followed swiftly by the eventual implementation of Brexit, led to many small-scale ecommerce players coming face to face with extremely difficult decisions about whether or not they could continue trading. From restrictions and custom delays, both events had a knock-on effect on quick and reliable delivery in all areas of the globe, and some businesses were unable to last the distance as a result.

However, growing companies that made the decision to outsource their order fulfilment found themselves in a far better position, thanks to the efficiency and reliability of this service. With facilities that meet the highest of industry standards paired with personnel that have the expertise and capacity to deal with an unforeseen increase in online demand, opting to partner with an order fulfilment company can not only boost the growth of your business, but also increase adaptability during the most trying times.


EU Fulfilment Centre - ParcelPlanet

Business survival

Most importantly perhaps, the decision to outsource to an order fulfilment centre gives you options. Rather than making the decision to throw in the towel and surrender to the hardships created by Brexit – a reality many small and medium enterprises are being forced to consider – choosing to store and dispatch your stock through an EU centre facilitates continued trading to and from the UK. And given the UK’s status as the third biggest ecommerce market in the world, worth over £220 billion, it is a relationship well worth maintaining.

Outsource your order fulfilment today and Brexit-proof your business

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