Frequently Asked Questions

Your order fulfilment questions answered.

Easy fulfilment of online orders
Does ParcelPlanet offer European shipping?

Yes, we can ship to over 250 countries, on varying delivery times, just get in touch to find out how quickly your customers can get their orders.

How much does ParcelPlanet cost?

When it comes to order fulfilment, one size does not fit all, every business is different and every product is different, requiring different storage space, package sizes, number of picks per order etc.

But don’t worry, our team is here to make the pricing process as quick and smooth as possible. Just get in touch and we’ll get started on putting together a clear and concise quote for your order fulfilment.

Do you let me use my own boxes?

Yes, we think it’s essential that every business has its own identity, we can even help with your own custom box.

Does ParcelPlanet offer same day delivery?

Yes, we actually do, covering population centres in Ireland, ask us for a quote today.

Can ParcelPlanet pack my products in our unique way?

This is called “kitting”, and yes, we specialise in kitting. You may want tissue paper folded a certain way or a certain format to how the products are laid in the box.

Does ParcelPlanet fulfil larger orders that may require a pallet delivery?

Yes, we do, all customers get a certain proportion of large orders, we can accommodate this easily.

Does ParcelPlanet offer Fulfilment By Amazon preparation/arrangement services?

Yes, we can enable the preparation and transfer of products directly to any FBA facility.

Can I use my own courier?

Yes, you can even negotiate your own rate with your courier, we work with most couriers.

How long does it take to get set up?

We have managed to have customers setup in as little as 1 week. We do however recommend a minimum of 4 weeks so we can get to know your business intimately before we fulfil for you.

How do I get orders over to ParcelPlanet?

You’ll use the ParcelPlanet dashboard or we’ll link directly with your own system, this ensures speed and accuracy.

Why should I use ParcelPlanet?

We’re not going to fit every business, but the ones we do, grow and grow fast.

Have any other questions please contact us and we’ll get straight back to you

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Customer Care

Our promise to you.

We’ll look after your customer as if they’re our own!

To ParcelPlanet, customer care underpins everything we do. We will

  • keep your customers informed
  • personalise their orders
  • deliver when we say we’ll deliver

Most importantly, if there ever is a problem with a customer order, we will keep your customer and you informed.

Improve Your Sales

Order fulfilment you can really rely on.

ParcelPlanet offers a traditional pick, pack and delivery function as part of the managed service or can be provided separately from the Managed Service offering.

Goods are inbounded from the client, stored, picked, packed and delivered by courier to the dealer or end user.

90% of all ParcelPlanet deliveries are completed direct to end user on behalf of the dealer, utilising the dealers own paperwork as part of the delivery.

Get Started

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    Put your brand in hands you trust.

    We have been where you are, and with over 10 years of experience we understand your fulfilment challenges.

    We deliver an end-to-end order fulfilment solution for ecommerce and product-focused businesses, enabling you to grow both locally and internationally.

    We pride ourselves on our level of service, partnering with our clients to provide tailored fulfilment solutions that allow you to focus on your brand and deliver an excellent customer service.

    Our team and technology will seamlessly integrate into your business, building relationships with you and your customers and provide you with an effective, end-to-end order fulfilment solution, tailored to your business needs.

    Ultimately, we are here to be your fulfilment partner, enabling you to be even more successful, faster!

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