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At ParcelPlanet, we tailor-make fulfilment solutions for each of our customers’ sectors, with bespoke storage, pick & pack, delivery, and return options for every client. So you can focus on growing your business, knowing that your fulfilment is in the right hands.

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Whatever your business, ParcelPlanet can provide you with the bespoke order fulfilment solution you need to concentrate on growing your business.

Clean, secure, state-of-the-art warehousing

Hanging garments capability

Quality control

Branded packaging and gift-wrapping

Marketing support, eg leaflets and catalogues

API solutions for e-commerce integration

Fully managed Returns service


Pet Supplies and Products 

Bespoke Order Fulfilment Solutions for
Pet Supplies and Products

Pets are considered by most as members of a family. In Ireland alone, it is estimated there are some 450,000 dogs and 325,000 cats living among the human population, costing costs their owner an average of €1,250 a year between food, toys, grooming and treats.

Widespread pet ownership has helped the cat and dog food market generate annual sales worth €21 billion, while the pet accessories and services industry is clocking in revenues of €18.5 billion each year.

With many pet product suppliers moving online, order fulfilment processes have become increasingly important for ensuring customer satisfaction.

It’s crucial that pet supply companies find a reliable partner to ensure that their customer orders are delivered accurately and quickly which is why ParcelPlanet takes the pet industry very seriously! ParcelPlanet can store, pick pack and deliver these orders to your customers anywhere in the world, seamlessly.


Fashion Sector

Bespoke Order Fulfilment Solutions for Fashion Brands

The worldwide e-commerce fashion industry will be worth a massive $712.9 billion to the economy by 2022. Fashion consumers have more buying power, as the number of potential customers is projected to grow to more than $1.2 billion by 2020. The majority of these new fashion consumers are within the 16 to 24 and 25 to 34 age groups and they have high expectations.

To cater for these high expectations, we offer late cut off times (up to 10pm), discounted courier rates and optimum delivery worldwide. We also provide a complete returns management solution as well as hanging garment capabilities and more solutions for the specific requirements of the fashion sector.

We will store your product, pick, pack and despatch it, and ensure that your orders reach consumers with accuracy and speed, beautifully packaged and in mint condition.


Beauty Sector

Bespoke Order Fulfilment Solutions for Beauty Brands

Beauty products have never been more accessible. With eCommerce technology, beauty brands can sell directly to consumers with products delivered quickly and securely.

Consumers purchasing online beauty products have high expectations. They want easy order processing, good packaging and overnight delivery and this is where ParcelPlanet excels.

We pride ourselves in our customer care, careful packaging and speedy delivery along with our late cut off times, which are particularly popular with young consumers.

We can provide complete fulfilment solutions for any beauty product brand from makeup to perfume, and skincare to hair care. We’ll get your orders to your customer on time and intact.


Giftware Sector

Bespoke Order Fulfilment Solutions for the Giftware Industry

The Giftware industry has drastically transformed in recent years with retailers selling online to reduce costs and ensure quick delivery to their customers. With the high level of competition in the sector, online ordering and dispatch efficiency is more important than ever.

Gifters have very high expectations of their final product, packaging and all, and they have very specific requirements when it comes to personalisation of gifts.

ParcelPlanet will partner with you and provide your brand with a bespoke kitting service which includes everything from Pot Pourri and branded packaging, to gift wrapping and personalised, hand-written gift cards.

We will make that special occasion even more special and memorable for your customers.


Jewellery Sector

Order Fulfilment Solutions for Jewellery Sales

The online environment for jewellery sales has developed at a rapid pace over the last decade, from handcrafted jewellery to high-end, high-value jewellery and watches. The jewellery sector is unique in many of its fulfilment requirements including packaging and security, which are key to an efficient fulfilment offering.

At ParcelPlanet, we can store your jewellery securely, offer a bespoke pick and pack service, and provide a unique kitting and packaging service so that your customer’s gift is delivered exactly as if you had hand-picked, packaged and hand-delivered it yourself.


Office Product Sector

Bespoke Order Fulfilment Solutions for the Office Product Sector

The office products industry has gone through some profound changes in the last 12 months and these trends will continue for the foreseeable future. Office Products has expanded beyond its traditional product offering to include ranges such as PPE, workwear, branded merchandise, home office supplies and many more.

There are many challenges within the industry for brands and resellers but one that we can alleviate is order fulfilment. We’ve been serving the office products industry for over 8 years and understand the specific requirements of the sector.

Our order fulfilment solutions enable brands and resellers to work in tandem, enabling them to focus on growing their sales. Particularly with sales moving increasingly online, office product companies need a reliable, independent, knowledgeable partner that can deliver, ParcelPlanet has proven to be that partner of choice.


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